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Our Dermal Roller treatments provide a completely natural, comfortable and affordable alternative for stimulating and replacing lost collagen in the Face, Neck, Hands and Body. This anti-aging skin care treatment, dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while tightening and toning sagging skin. When clinical treatments and home care programs are combined, dramatic improvements in the skin can be achieved and maintained. The Dermal Roller clinical and home care treatment programs can also be used together successfully in the management and reduction of pigmentation problems, acne scars and surgery scars.

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Before and After Client Treatment Photos

Before Dermal Roller Therapy

After 3 Dermal Roller Treatments

After 6 Dermal Roller Treatments

After 10 Dermal Roller Treatments


So What Are Dermal Roller Treatments?

AThe Dermal Roller clinical treatment is not a facial.

It is a one-of-a-kind, skin rejuvenation therapy, designed to tackle multiple skin problems simultaneously. The anti-aging results can be seen by most individuals in as little as one to three clinical sessions. Dramatic skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and volume restoration, can be achieved and maintained when the Dermal Roller treatments are combined with collagen regeneration products.


How Do The Dermal Roller Treatments Work?

A The Dermal Roller treatments stimulate the production of collagen and elastin proteins in the skin. The body stops producing collagen around the age of forty, and the loss of this vital protein, creates a break-down in the infrastructure of the skin. This results in the fine lines, wrinkles and the sagging we associate with aging.

The Dermal Roller treatment effectively harnesses the body’s own restorative processes, when the device is rolled over the surface of the skin. Repeated passes jump starts the skin's natural ability to restore and repair itself, by prompting the production of collagen and elastin at the deeper levels. As more collagen and elastin proteins are produced, the skin begins to replace lost volume. This results in an immediate and overall improvement in the skin's elasticity and coloring.

Unlike traditional facial treatments, our Dermal Roller therapies reach the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating an immediate and long lasting anti-aging response by the body.  

“The Most Effective Professional Skin Tightening Therapy Available Today”

Before Dermal Roller Therapy

After Dermal Roller Therapy


How soon will I see results from my treatment?

A The benefits of a even a single Dermal Roller session are apparent within the first week and will continue for several months. The skin's circulation and oxygen levels improve dramatically with repeated treatments.

We recommend the use of collagen based serums and creams in conjunction with Dermal Roller therapies to accelerate the anti-aging benefits.

After each session is completed, the skin will have a light pink healthy glow.


How long will the Dermal Roller results last?

A The Dermal Rollers' beneficial effects will build steadily with each treatment, and continue for months after each session.  In the clinical studies where patients were treated with Dermal Roller therapies, individuals experienced a 50% improvement in the skin’s coloring and texture, and a 75 to 90% improvement in the skin’s overall elasticity and volume. Dramatic results were experienced in just three to six sessions.

The Dermal Roller treatments stimulate the body to produce it’s own collagen and elastin, so the skin tightening and wrinkle reduction can last for years. Clinical sessions combined with home treatments, affordably extend the rejuvenation benefits.

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